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  • 3x More Profit
    Value Add To Your BBQ Chicken Business Today!
    NO Franchise Fees, Contracts or Royalties
  • The Secret is
    The Automatic Pressure Fryer
    & Our Exclusive Special Herb Spice Mix
  • No Franchise Fees!
    Simple to follow Fiesta Programme
    Everything you need to know is provided
  • Exclusive Fiesta Products
    Fiesta 66 Fried Chicken Seasoning Fiesta 88 Chicken Salt
    Take away boxes and refresher towels
  • One button function
    Our fryers are pre programmed
    fry consistently perfect
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It will increase your profit substantially beyond present levels!

The secret of the process is the simple to follow Fiesta Programme

If you presently sell BBQ chicken then this is definitely for you. How would you like to make almost THREE TIMES as much on every chicken you sell ?

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The Collectramatic Fryer Is An Unbeatable Workhorse In The Kitchen

Do you want to serve the best fried chicken around? Would you like to lower labor and shortening costs? Is your space

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The Fiesta 66 Authentic Southern Fried Chicken Seasoning

Our special seasoning mix of herbs makes per a perfect tasting Souther Fried Chicken Crust that will leave your customers coming back for more time and time again!

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Fast-Easy way to open up your business to a highly profitable segment of the market currently unavailable to you!
The Southern Fried Chicken Business
Its Easy! All you need is a square metre of space in your kitchen!.

  • Fiesta Programme

    Makes available everything you need to be successful
  • No Franchise or Royalty fees !

    Buy only what you need from us and we'll keep you up and running with our products and advice
  • 30 years experience

    Helping businesses around all Australia and internationally increase their profits in Southern Fried Chicken Industry
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Join The Fiesta Programme and Give Your Business a

New Highly Profitable Product! All you need a mere square metre of space to be in the Southern Fried Chicken Business.
It will increase your profit substantially beyond present levels!
Bring Out The Best In The Bird! 

The VLP/T makes frying easier than ever before. 

Simply set the desired cooking temperature and cooking time, and you're ready to fry. The controller includes eight programmable channels, so you can pre-set the fryer for your more popular menu items. 
The VLP/T Fryer can cook just about anything - chicken, fish, onion rings, potato wedges, egg rolls, biscuits - you name it, the VLP/T Fryer will cook it to perfection. Our new VLP/T Fryer is going to change the way you industry cooks chicken. It takes the time-tested design of our Collectramatic pressure fryer and updates it to meet the needs of today's market. 
This fantastic new technology can even be retrofitted to existing Collectramatic pressure fryers! Adding the VLP/T Technology Kit to an older fryer will allow you to reap all the VLP/T benefits from your current machine!
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